How Much Should You Sell on Auto-Pilot To Be Financially Independent?‚Äč

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I started thinking about evergreening my sales process ever since my son was born in 2015 because I wanted more time with him.
I did some things, I forgot to do others and more or less I drifted along being busy as hell with all the things that "needed" to be done

A few hours ago it struck me that I was going forward without knowing the destination...
While I was offering some of my products as evergreen products and I was helping clients with their funnels, I never really put down the GOAL for my run without me (more or less)

So I started working on a spreadsheet that provides the answer, the GOAL: How much should I sell to keep the same lifestyle and stop working ;)

Once you get access to the spreadsheet fill in the yellow cells:
>> Money OUT: payroll, take home money - v. important :), online apps, hosting, etc
>> Money IN: product price, list growth
it tells you how many monthly sales you need to have to stop working and have the same income.

After you get there the rest is scaling and doing what you love (for me it's spending time with my kid and helping my clients without thinking of "I need to make this amount of sales or I'm screwed this month...")

I shared this spreadsheet on Facebook and here's what they said

Want it? Just tell me where to send it to you :)

P.S.: This spreadsheet will help you know how much you need to sell on auto-pilot to have your business run itself, on cruise control. Once you get there you can focus on helping your clients, not hustling for new sales.