Why I love evergreen launches and you should too

Are you ready to welcome in your life a new stream of online revenue automatically? You would probably answer Hell yeah!! If I don’t have to work every day for it that is even better.

But guess what? Some people miss this kind of big opportunities. I don’t want you to be one of them.

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That is why I’m sharing with you the two main reasons why I love evergreen launches.

Reason 1 - closing the cart is not the end of the launch
So the number one reason is that when you do a launch, you put your heart and soul into doing something that is incredible, that brings value not only to yourself but also to the audience that you're doing it for.

You're doing something that teaches people, helps people achieve their goals and move the needle, but then everything dies when the launch ends.

You help no more people, you bring no more sales.

You do nothing of the exciting stuff because the launch is over the cart is closed.

Now some people might say that closing the cart is going to bring more sales and this is true but you can actually close the cart in an evergreen sales too and still be open.

I mean you can close the cart for some people that are in the funnel and keep it open for other people that are in the funnel.

Reason 2 - let your baby grow old
And this brings me to reason number two, and the reason number two is that it is a shame, a big big shame to kill your baby, to kill your launch, to kill the thing that you have worked so much on and give it a lifespan of only a few weeks or a month, maybe.

Why? It's a shame because you are losing the rest of the year by not doing any sales, you're leaving money on the table and then it's a shame because you're not helping people that could have been helped during the period when your launch is off and your baby is dead.

And these are the two main reasons why I totally love evergreen launches and why I feel very saddened when I see that not enough people create realistic and viable evergreen launches.

Because... I know they could and they don't.

I will let you enjoy another article of mine where you will discover 6 reasons why you don't already have an evergreen launch funnel.

Get The Free Passive Ongoing Business Calculator

Find out how much you need to sell pasively to become financially independent 

Check that one out too and let me know your comments below.

Let's start a conversation and let's do something about your business evergreen future.



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