Evergreen passive income

6 reasons why you still don’t have a passive, evergreen, sales funnel

I recently talked to a couple of friends about creating a passive stream of income for their business.

And I mentioned evergreen sales. Passive sales that happen while you don’t work...

They loved the idea of having a passive income stream but after 6 months, they still didn’t do it…

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Here is a list of reasons why they didn’t.

You can add more in the comments below, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find yourself guilty of one or more of these reasons already…

But that’s ok. As long as you know where the problem is you can take affirmative action to improve your situation.

Read on...

Reason number one: You have no idea how to set the passive, evergreen funnel up.

They think that creating an evergreen launch is so complicated that they don’t even research it, or they don't enjoy putting together technical pieces and they just give up again saying that no, it's not for me I'd rather go and endure the stress of a live launch and loose any opportunity after.

Moreover most people I have talked with are not tech people. They would love to have somebody do it for them if we think of evergreening a launch, but they don’t imagine doing it themselves.

Sounds familiar?

Second reason: You play the short term game, not the Long Term Game

They don't understand that an evergreen launch is not supposed to replace a live launch.

An evergreen launch will have on the short term smaller returns than a live launch, but it is the long term game that an evergreen launch is playing.

So if with the live launch you just had one or two weeks during which you did everything possible to get people to your web page, to get affiliates to promote, to get ads and you either missed it or you lost it that was the only chance you had to get results.

On the other hand in the evergreen launch, you can make it better and better - you can even get the product you launch to become better after users feedback and get good results with it the whole time you promote it.

This is the long long term game.

So, here you have unlimited time to get people to your landing pages, to get partners to promote, to get ads, and everything in between.

So evergreen is a long term game. It's not a short term game like a live launch is.

People that never did launches are always asking about results, because they are afraid to experiment, they're afraid to commit.

I had friends that know about me building evergreen launches and everything, and whenever I tell them about a new client that I have, whenever I tell them about something else that I have discovered with evergreen launches, the answer is: What are the results? How much did you sell?

And this is wrong.

I mean I'm not saying it's wrong to think about the results and sales.

No, it's excellent to think about the results.

What is wrong is to compare yourself with others all the time.

Third reason: You keep comparing with others

And what I mean by this is that your launch is going to be different than mine.

Your audience is going to be different than mine.

If you already had a launch that went well, then you have 100 % chances to transform it into an evergreen, passive, launch that is going to go well because you have your own language, you have your own subscribers, you will have people that relate to you and so you shouldn't compare yourself to others’ results.

This is the mistake, that people that have low self-esteem do, they compare themselves with others.

Fourth reason: You don’t know how to write copy for evergreen

I have also noticed that if they have a big pain writing their own emails they think of this part as a very difficult job. They see it as if they don't know how to write copy for evergreen launches and since they don't really understand how it works, they think that it is impossible to create for people an experience that is the same as the live launch.

So they don't know how to write the copy and they don't do it.

Please notice if you find yourself in this particular situation and take action.

If you get better things will get better in your business too. Or hire the best copywriter, but don’t get stuck on this.

Fifth reason: You’ve been to fake evergreen webinars

Another reason is that they have probably been in the past on some evergreen webinars and everything seemed FAKE.

There are a lot of fake evergreens out there. A lot of people that have transformed their launches into evergreens without seeing user experience first.

But the feeling that they give people is that they're going through theater play.

They're going through something that is fake and this totally sucks.

I know immediately if I am experiencing something that seems fake.

The first thing that I think of is how to get out.

Now there are ways

... to make evergreen launches realistic. And this is what I'm all about.

This is what I'm all about, making evergreen launches realistic, making them have the feeling and give you the feeling of a live launch and have people engage as if it were live.

And this is doable and I'm going to teach you about all of this if you go through my website now.

Get The Free Passive Ongoing Business Calculator

Find out how much you need to sell pasively to become financially independent 

What is YOUR reason for not having an evergreen launch?

Please comment below.

Let's start the conversation here, because I'm sure that for for every disease in thinking there is a cure in acting and I would be glad to help you cure your negative thoughts and help you create an evergreen launch that is going to put your business on autopilot and allow you to live a happier life.

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