Will evergreening my product sales work for me?

In this article I will answer a question that a lot of people think even if they don't say it.

And the question is: Will ever greening a launch work for me or not?

Now here's my answer.

If you haven't done a live launch you will never know if the evergreen, if it ever will launch, will or will not  work for you.

This is something that I heard from a friend of mine that I asked once to get for dinner. And he said he is very very busy. And i asked him: “What are you doing man that’s so important?”

And he was like “I'm working on a six figure sales funnel.”

I stopped for a second. That sounded very important indeed. But then another question popped up: “Great, you mean you have an already a proven six figure sales sequence? Oh I would love to test that too, we really have to get together so you can tell me more.”

But, it was not the case. He was planning the six figure launch.

So whenever you hear people talking about I'm working right now on my own my six figure sales funnel  if it’s not tested, then  it might be a four figure sales funnel or a nothing sales funnel.

So first of all if you haven't done it live once I think you shouldn't try to do it evergreen. That's why I suggest always: make it live first. So make a live launch in whatever manner you want. If it's a summit make a live summit and then turn it evergreen, if it's a webinar make a live webinar and then turn it evergreen. If it's a launch like a Jeff Walker style launch with three videos then make them live and see what happens and then turn them evergreen.

This will give you two things.​​​​

First of all it will make your skin harder because you've been through the battle so you know how it is during a launch.

But it also gives you a lot of questions from people that are going through your launch from your prospects, questions for prospects that can allow you to tweak things into the evergreen launch.

And secondly what this thing does it gives you a benchmark so you will know that if you've had let's say $20000 in sales from this launch you could potentially have, and you could potentially have let's say 70% of the number of sales with an evergreen launch.

But the mindset should be a little bit different.

Look at it like this: if I have had for my live launch let's say 40 percent conversion rate for my opt in page and then a 10 percent purchase rate for the people that opted in, and this happen for a period of two or three weeks when my live launch happened, now for my evergreen launch I want to have the same opt in rates and at least 80% of the same purchase rate.

But the beauty is that you don't have just two weeks to get this.

You have the whole future in front of you to get there so you don't have you don't have to rely just on the partners that can promote when your window of opportunity is open.

But instead you can bring on partners from all over the world to promote your stuff later on. And they will promote basically the evergreen entry point in your funnel.

The evergreen sales process that you get people through.

So, if you've had a live launch that went well then I'm sure that your evergreen launch will go at least as well.

On the long term will probably bring in more money than the live one did in that couple of weeks that it was live.

But the main point to know is first go live try doing it live and then evergreen.

This is the best way to know, to have clear expectations and to know pretty much how much money you should expect to cash when the year is over, and afterwards when the next year is over in the next year is over and so on.

So live first, evergreen second and enjoy life.

Let me know if you have any comments down below.

Because I will join the conversation and I'm looking forward to exchange ideas with you and to help you with anything that I know. 

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