Top mistakes people make when they create their evergreen funnel

In this article I want to talk about some of the mistakes that people make when they try to evergreen their launch funnels and why these mistakes make them lose money instead of make money.

Selling Too Quickly

So one of the first mistakes that people make, is that they sell too quickly.

They sell too quickly to the new prospects and they actually pay for Facebook ads most of the time that bring people to a sales page instead of bringing them to a value offering page.

For example, you're in my list for a few a few days or weeks and I haven't sold you anything. I actually gave you information that will teach you a lot of things that are useful and will eventually want you to know more from me and I'm not telling you that I'm not going to sell something to you of course I'm going to sell something that is helpful for you.

But I will do it when you are on the right step of the awareness ladder when you know about everything that I have to offer, when you see me as an authority in transforming launches into evergreen launches into an evergreen sales funnels and then you'll will want to purchase something from me and you will want to work with me because you know I'm the real deal.

So the first mistake is trying to push a sale too early not warming up the prospects before you give them something.

And a lot of people think this is so difficult, how can a warm them up if everything is automated?

Well actually you can do this, all the emails that I gave you or most of them were automated e-mails.

You can create an automated sales sequence and automate the nurturing and value offering and relationship building sequence that eventually leads to a sale.


So don't send people directly to your sales page especially when you pay traffic or when you have partners to promote you.


Another mistake that people make is that they lie. And what I mean by this they say the offer is going to go away.

This offer, this special price is going to go away in two days for example, but then when people come back on the same web page the offer is still there and the countdown is zero.

That sucks!

Because if I tell you my offer is going away then it has to go away, I have the moral duty to set it up so that it goes away for you.

And there are things, there are tools that do this. One of them is Deadline Funnel that I totally love and I use and it's the building rock the building foundation for everything that I do. Technically it makes sure that when I tell you personally that the link that this page is not going to work it will not work for you.

It tracks your IP, it tracks your cookies then only if you're really like a tech wizard and you can clean everything up from your computer and use a VPN you could eventually get to the offer again.

But 99.9% of the people will not.

So I'm not lying, I'm telling you that this offer is going away, then it is going away for you.

Right? Ok.

Lack of (real) Scarcity

Another mistake is that they put a product on their blog, on their website and you know it's there in the menu bar and it's always available.

What this shows is that since I can purchase the product anytime that I want, me as a potential client I will not purchase it right now, I will postpone. And when people postpone they usually never purchase.

So this is another mistake; the product is always available. You will see that my products are not always available. I actually haven't even given you any product to buy yet, but when I will, you will see that they are not always available.

They will be available for a limited time and this is what all the big the big names in online marketing and all the other experts do.

They have products available in a limited time frame.

They tell you about this limited offer and they take it away when it's gone.

This is called scarcity and it's one of the best things that you can actually use in order to increase your sales, because you put people in front of a decision.

Either you purchase it or you don't, but please don't wait, so they have to make a decision.

So make sure if you plan to do something evergreen to use scarcity. Because scarcity is a very good in getting people to buy and it has effect if it’s true.

No feedback email (if they didn't purchase, to tweak the content)

Another mistake that people make, and this is the last one is that when you have an evergreen funnel and people don't purchase from you, you don't ask them: what happened, why didn't you purchase?

You know can set this up automatically, right? And you should set it up automatically if when you're building your launch sequence your emails your videos and everything, you should also put an e-mail send an email that says OK thank you for being through everything that I've prepared for you but you still didn't purchase, why?

And you get that answer and you change your funnel, you tweak it so that next time you answer this objection in your sales funnel.

Wait, wait, wait a second. Do you realize how amazing this is ???

What can you do with evergreen sales funnel --- making them better every day, not like in a live launch that lasts from let's say October 1st until October 21st.

You know there's so much you can do.

In the live launch you cannot really tweak too many things because it's already going live and you cannot go back in time but with an evergreen launch you can always go back in time, right?

I’ve had clients who lost sales because they forgot to send second day email with follow up and replays, they couldn’t send a good email the last day because they had to attend a family funeral or even had technical streaming problems after two days of everything going perfect.

So if you could go back in time and change the things that didn't add up for your clients so that the next ones that will go through your funnel won't have the same problems, would you do it?

These are the biggest mistakes that people make.

Now you know about them and I hope you'll never make them when you turn your launch or your product into evergreen sales funnels.

If you have any questions please comment below, I'll join the discussion and I'm looking forward to seeing your evergreen funnel as soon as possible.

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