How to create an evergreen sales funnel with built-in urgency

So how to create in people the desire to purchase your product?

There are three ways to do this.

And I'm going to go through all of them in this article.

Evergreen sales funnel with built-in urgency: Option 1

So the first option that you have is to have the enrollment in your course in your product in your membership site expire.


So don't put your sales page live on your on your site so that anybody can see it anytime that they want but instead send this link send it to a link to a special link in your email sequence and make sure that people that you tell people first that they have access for a number of hours or days to this link, and then if they do not act on it right away during that time that you allocated for that the link will expire.

So basically when they click it they go to a page that says: Sorry, the open cart period expired.

You just lost the opportunity to to jump in or whatever.

So make sure that enroll when the opportunity expires, is taken away from them.

And this is one of the ways that is really powerful and that allows you to have an increased number of sales for a period that you want it to happen, and this of course with evergreen so don't just do it once but instead put it inside your sale sequence and when people reach email number 5 or number 10 since you have warmed them up until then you created in them the desire to join.

You just give them the opportunity.

But make sure that you say OK you have the opportunity now but I'm going to take it away in a number of days and you do take it that way automatically.

You can do this either through your autoresponder if it has this option to expire the link that you send people and then if they click the link later then a number of days or hours you send them to a particular or another link.

My autoresponder Simplero has this option, if yours has it or not you will have to check.

And the second option is to send an expiring link through that Deadline Funnel and I'll talk about how to create these things later on in the future posts.

So this is number one.

Take the enrolment, the opportunity to join, away.

Evergreen sales funnel with built-in urgency: Option 2

The second one is of course take the discounts or the bonuses away.

So how does that work?

This works in case you have a product that is on sale all year round, so it's basically always available which is something that I don't recommend but you can try it.

It's always available but then you have several bonuses that are available only for a number of hours and you can do this pretty easily.

For example you need to create the original landing page with all the bonuses and then you create the duplicate with less bonuses.


So the bonuses have expired.

When people visit the first page with all the bonuses you create a Deadline Funnel campaign that allows them to see this page and to click the buttons on this page which give them access to everything, all the bonuses for let's say two days or three days.

If they have visited the page and haven't clicked and haven't purchased, then, they are automatically redirected the next time they visit it to the second page that has less bonuses and less discounts and so on and so forth.

So basically you need to create two instances of the same page one with everything one with less and you have to redirect people automatically from the first one to the second one. If they don't follow up on your offer in the in the in the timeframe that you want them to.

Evergreen sales funnel with built-in urgency: Option 3

The third one is to tell people about the opportunity cost that they have of purchasing now or at or actually of not purchasing now versus purchasing now.

So make sure you mention this and you use the opportunity cost, together with the expiring offer cost with a disappearing offer, and when you mix all these things together you'll get an amazing sales funnel which is evergreen and which is authentic, which is always the same for the particular person, so they will all, everybody goes through your sales funnel will get the same experience and you will be authentic you will be true to your word.

You will be true to your promises and people will love you for this and you will have a money making machine an evergreen sales funnel that increases sales with built in urgency and and some smart technical tricks that they're just told you about.

Let me know if you have any or any other ideas and also let me know how you plan to apply this information in your product launch by commenting something below, because I would join the conversation and I will help you if you have any questions with everything that I know. 

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