3 reasons to add an evergreen launch to your TO DO list today

We tend to postpone non-important or non-profitable ideas for later.

But believe me having an evergreen sales funnel does not fit in any of those two categories and in this article I want to talk about three reasons to add an evergreen launch to your To Do List today.


Science says 92% of people don’t achieve their goals. If your goal is to have passive income for your business please be the other 8%.

The first reason is your optimal sales cycle for your product.

So let's say that you have a product and you know from past experience that people purchase your product in about three weeks with a special sequence of emails or videos that you send them out and then this is your optimal sales cycle. Then definitely you should get everybody that join your list through that sales cycle and using this method you will increase your sales every single day.

Since every single day people join your list ( I hope you work at least at this step), then your time to money or time to sale will be three weeks. In this case you will be able to get constant sales every single time somebody joins your list and becomes a subscriber.

I did not do this and I lost big money. Please make sure you don’t.

The second reason is improvement.

If it's a new course or another product, you can, always, and you should, always, try to improve it especially the first time you launch it or immediately after the launch. But if you want to stand out you need to improve it.

How do you improve it?

With feedback from clients, from people that go through it, from your students.

You might say, well I know Ciprian, I’ve already heard this before.

But I mean it. You really have to do it.

Having an evergreen funnel allows you to see where sales are expected and what happens if they don’t. And tweak the content, act in their interest, improve in that area exactly.

By improving it and by showing your students that you care, will born the feeling that you sincerely offer them a more valuable experience and it will make them love you.

So if you have students that enroll in your course or your product every single day, that purchase every single day, since you know they go through your sales sequence that I talked about before and they end up purchasing, all other students will see that this thing is growing, that your course is growing steadily, constantly, so they will have even more trust in you and in what you're building, right?

And you will have the opportunity to improve every single week, every single day, to change things and tweak things in order to make this course a perfect course for your students to own. Think about it : I'm talking about a course that remains the same, in comparison with your course that will get better and better.

Of course on the long game you will win and they will want to become ambassadors for you or for your product.

The third reason is money.

If you do just launches you have these spikes. These spikes were my number one enemy that almost got my business killed. Real business people hate spikes and you should too if you don’t have other types of income.

You know why?

Because you can never know if the following sales spike will be just as good as the last sales spike.

But the problem is that you know that your expenses will be at least as high as the expenses that you had for the first sales spike.

So basically if you're doing this: launching, launching and launching, you're actually waiting to get paid just once every three months or two months and this sucks for your cash flow.

I know I've been there.

I went almost bankrupt.

I had to to dismiss all my team because I wasn't thinking straight.

So since I wasn't thinking straight.

I had around $10000 expenses every month.

But my sales were some month or $30000.

Then it was minus $200.

Then you know $500 then $100.

This sucks.

So cashflow, cashflow, cashflow is king.

These are the three reasons why I strongly, strongly suggest you add an evergreen launch to your to do list right now.

Put it down and go through all the materials that you find on my website.

Ask as many questions as you want down in the comments.

But do it now.

Start working on it now.

I'm here to help you and I'm here to help you with everything that I know and everything that I can, for you to become successful and to have the best products ever and the most amazing clients ever, and every single day.

Let me know if I can help you with anything.

About the Author Ciprian Soleriu

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