Navid Moazzez Case Study

From 0 to 6 Figures Business using Virtual Summits – Case Study Navid Moazzez

Have you ever heard about virtual summits?

I bet you do, especially because I’ve invited you not so long ago to attend The Webinar Mastery Summit.

Just to be sure you get what I am talking about, virtual summits are typically video interviews of 20 or more experts on a given topic, which viewers opt-in to watch.

Basically, virtual summits can help you grow your email list rapidly and even create a product fast that you can sell and make big profits.

Introducing “The Father of Virtual Summits“…

The one who first came up with this great business model back in the fall of 2014 is Navid Moazzez. He hosted then the first Branding Virtual Summit with 88 thought-leaders and entrepreneurs sharing their experience about growing a personal brand.

The result was thousands of attendees from all over the world paying to experience Navid’s virtual summit. Moreover, the success helped Navid quit his job in Sweden and start a great business.

And he was very kind to share with us his tips on how he managed to take his Business from 0 to 6 Figures using Virtual Summits.

What you’ll find out in the interview with Navid:

  • how to grow your list via virtual summits;
  • what is the difference between a webinar and a virtual summit;
  • the importance of urgency for virtual summits;
  • how to leverage your list after a summit;
  • how to approach partners for your summits/ interviews;

And many great ideas to help you skyrocket your business.

Interview at a glance:

  1. How to use the “Win-Win Strategy”: when you approach the speakers for your next virtual summit, make sure you present the event as an opportunity for them. Usually, they will get exposure so their product could reach more and more targeted people.
  2. Make it simple for them to join: always make it easy for your partners. Offer them swipe files, full information, keep them excited and let them know how it goes.
  3. Run no-pitch webinars for your audience: this kind of webinars stand out, establish trust and help you build the relationship with your list. Although you are running a NO PITCH webinar, make sure you mention your product in order to create excitement for your future launches.

Resources Mentioned During The Interview:

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