Recurring Revenue Models You Can Copy

I’m hooked on recurring revenue and you should be too…

One Friday afternoon, after work, I went to Carturesti, a fancy bookstore in my Transylvanian town.

They have this English books section.
Not too many books, but enough to spend 15 minutes checking what’s new and what’s old ūüôā

So, while my wife was searching for a gift to give a friend I went there with no real target.

And then I accidentally¬†saw this book: Automatic Customer, by John Warrilow…
I remember my friend Jon Schumacher, the webinar expert, posted about it.
He said it was on of the best books he ever read about creating subscription revenue streams.
That’s  money in every day of every week… Pure gold for any business. 

So I bought it immediately.
And messaged Jon about it.

recurring revenue book bought

Hooked on recurring revenue

I am hooked on the recurring revenue model.

I was involved in:

  • a membership site, my own Online Force Club (currently in Romanian) which was starting to get traction.
  • a offline services¬†business called Customer Intelligence Agency (CIA) – nice hook name, I know – a service business for getting on demand feedback from clients with operators calling and opening the clients tongue (so to speak…)
  • an online services¬†business called¬†IzzyWP, a romanian clone of WPCurve, offering wordpress support and unlimited small jobs for WordPress owners.
  • my Laser Coaching Program, where I get paid monthly to help people scale their business

So I’m into recurring revenue¬†already.

Can recurring revenue work for your business?

I knew that this model works for many, many businesses, online and offline.
After all , both you and I already pay tons every single month to different companies.

We’re all part of the¬†recurring revenue model.
Some get paid. Others pay like this.
Where are you?

I started researching this thing and I was amazed.
It’s all over…
Small and big companies are into the recurring revenue model…
Some are subscription only, others are  traditional + subscription. 

I have a video for you, with 31 businesses that use the recurring revenue model.
Some exclusively, others additionally.

 Very important!. They’re not all online businesses.  In fact 15 of them are kind of unusual.

In the next post I’ll share with you 8 reasons why you should consider creating a recurring revenue stream for your business and what are the biggest challenges.

Until then, enjoy and think out of the box…

Check them out and tell me: Is your brain already on fire???

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