8 rasons for recurring clients

Recurring Clients Matter. Here’s why.

Recurring clients are the dream for most businesses.
And more and more businesses have a recurring revenue stream.


Airport Lounges -> waiting in the airport sucks, nobody likes it right?
They realized this and you can buy a subscription to airport lounges and voila!, you’re in.

Airport recurring clients model


Working office -> you want an office but don’t want to take care of it?
I mean just in and out, nothing else to worry about?
Perfect, get a co-working space, pay a monthly fee and you have it… Somebody else takes care of everything, you just work.

This is what I have as an office in Valencia today.
A nice office and FREEDOM to come and go and work where and when I want to 🙂

The reason I’m writing this is that I realized something very important last week, as I was recording the video with the 31 businesses that have recurring revenue

I didn’t tell you why this matters for you…
Why should you give a single thought about this recurring revenue and recurring clients thing?

There are several reasons why recurring clients are a big deal and I’ll dive into the video.

The video goes into more details, but you can find them below too:

The Value of Your Business increases with recurring clients

If you decide to sell it, having a predictable revenue – this is the recurring clients – means your business is more attractive.
So you’ll sell it for more.

I explain in the video how much more…

The LTV (lifetime value) of the recurring client is higher

Well, having recurring customers means a larger LTV.

That’s cash baby!!

No need to guess demand. Know demand

That’s right.

You know the number of clients, you know the demand.

You won’t need to pay your employees to play Candy Crush when you guess too high.

And you won’t overwork them when you guess too low.

Market insight. Free. No need for expensive agencies

You will be more nimble and adaptable.

Because a recurring client will tell you what’s missing, what’s fucked up and what’s absolutely awesome…

Recession Proof the Business

I’ll tell you why in the video.

It’s about psychology.

Of the customer.

Money flows in WITHOUT DELAY

No more calling “the man” asking for your payment.

Because he pays immediately, usually in advance.

Sticky Customers

Because it’s more convenient to stay than it is to leave

Subscribers buy more…

More touch points, more reasons to upsell, more sales.

Also, in the video you’ll find out the challenges you’ll have when you will implement your subscription model.

Check it out above and tell me which of these reasons makes you wanna do the hula dance right now!

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