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UPDATE: I posted this material on Facebook (in the Simplero users group) and got this response (proof that it works for you too if you follow it step by step)

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Are you ready? Let’s start!

It’s Sunday, 12:57 pm as I start this post.
Last Tuesday, at 3pm, I hosted a webinar with a JV Partner that brought us over 20,000 EURO (~22,000 USD) in sales up to this moment.
The numbers below are without VAT (24%)

sales from simplero

total sales, without taxes. Adding taxes, the amount is 26,404 EURO

The cart will be closed at midnight Sunday, but until then sales keep coming in.
Oh, on Friday I had to stop the SMS auto-send feature of Simplero that kept sending me an SMS every time someone new bought.
It reminded me of the Amazon story…too many “ding!” 🙂

phone with SMS

This is my 149th notification message

It is a great feeling knowing someone new bought, but I could not do my work anymore as I was constantly on the phone, checking it to see who else became my student 🙂
It was a crazy ride (it still is, until midnight) and I’ll share it with you.

The process I built to achieve these results is pretty complex, but I’ll break it down for you in easy to follow steps, so you can replicate it easily.
Just in case you need a hand, let me know and I can help you.


I sold an online course teaching entrepreneurs to get more clients using their website.
The price of the course is 129 EUR per participant.
I’m an online sales expert and I help people build their subscribers list, offer value to their audience and sell their products online.
It’s all in Romanian, a very small market compared with the English language market, thus all the numbers that I’m about to share with you are very impressive (at least from where I stand)


I used the following tools to run this webinar and the automations needed for the follow-up sequence:
1. WebinarJam Studio – for the webinar – the best webinar platform for live/hybrid webinars
2. Simplero – the platform where I host my course (it integrates with WP Members too if you already have this installed)
3. ActiveCampaign – my email marketing platform
4. Google Drive – for every document/file needed during this process
5. Help Scout – to respond to every email from the customers and potential customers.

I’ll link the necessary webpages throughout the guide so feel free to take a look at all the links as you go across this case-study guide.


Every webinar’s success depends on the number of people joining the live event. The more the merrier 🙂
This is due to the fact that during the live event you as the host can teach people, build rapport, build confidence and sell – as if you were on a stage in a room filled with eager participants.

Those that do join the live event are much more likely to buy, because they are there, with you.
They are engaged, ask questions and are encouraged to buy after they receive the value you promised.
 So it’s crucial to have as many as possible joining live. 

The only problem is that a lot of the registrants for a webinar forget to come or decide that their time is more important.
Also, a lot of them rely on getting the replay after the live event and watching it whenever they have time.
This makes the replay conversions lower than the live event conversions.

We needed three things to get the ball rolling:
Lots of traffic to the registration page
A good landing page that converts many visitors into registrants
A great pre-webinar sequence leading to the live event, to keep the event in the mind of the registrants and make sure that they don’t skip joining live.


We decided to promote the webinar 3 days before the live event via email to my partner’s list that is 85.000 subscribers.
He has built his list over several years an has a great relationship with his subscribers.
3 days is a magic number because registrants know (usually) where they will be in 3 days.
Also, it’s not too long a period so that they forget entirely about the event.

These are the emails we sent:
Sunday: first email to my JV Partner’s list
Monday: second email (identical to the frst one, but with different subject) to those that did not open the first email sent on Sunday
Tuesday: last call email to those that did not open the first and/or second email.

I was the mastermind behind this plan so I wanted to help my partner, not make him work extra.
Thus, my team and I created all the emails, prepared the images, the links, the pages and gave everything to my partner’s team to implement into their system.

 This is key when working with famous JV Partners: don’t make them work. Prepare all the work yourself and make it extremely easy for them to help you. 

Here are the results:
5630 visitors
4064 registratants

traffic analysis

The Sign-up rate is above anything I’ve seen, considering we used a WebinarJam Studio template page with an average optin rate across all webinarjam users of 31%.

We got a 72.26% optin rate, 232% better than the average optin rate.

template used


There’s a lot of debate online about which page converts best.
Do you need video or image?
Do you use bullets or not? What are the best colors?
The debate can go on and on… we focus on what is important. What do visitors need to get?

Here’s how I decided on the format of my registration page.
I asked myself these questions:
– Do the visitors know me?
A: Some did, most didn’t
– How do I get them to like me before the webinar starts?
A: Talk to them…
– How do I use the confidence they have in my partner in order to convince them to register for the webinar?
A: Make the message specific to them, and talk about the partner.

The answer was pretty obvious to me: they didn’t know me yet, but they knew, liked and trusted my partner.
So I had to make something special, just for them.
This is how I decided to shoot a short video, specifically for my partner’s list and include it into my registration page.
I made it extremely short: 35 seconds, but I made sure I included in it the “hook”- get a special bonus when you register 🙂


This is the landing page, in Romanian


Once people registered to the webinar, we had to make sure of 2 things:
– they didn’t forget about the event
– That they started doing a small thing right away, after registering

So I created a pre-webinar email sequence that made sure people remembered to join live and I also gave them a workbook that they had to download and bring to the live event, in order to get the most of the information.
I made sure the webinar was structured around this workbook and during the webinar I asked people to write in these workbooks.
This recreated the classroom atmosphere and people were very happy that the information was well structured.
Guiding them through the workbook during the webinar is something I’ll talk about a little later, below, when we reach the webinar phase.

Here is the pre-webinar email sequence:

pre-webinar sequence


You notice that the number of email sent is lower than the number of registrants.
This is so because during the live webinar a lot of people joined using a special link that WebinarJam offers.

WebinarJam_emergency link

We promoted this link on Facebook as a last chance link for people who didn’t have time/forgot/didn’t know.
Apparently a lot of people came though this route, and we were very happy they did 🙂

The Show up Rate was very good, considering that at 3pm the target market is still at work.
But the pre-webinar email sequence did a great job reminding people of the event and persuading them to arrive for the live session and also for the replay session:

showup rate


From the start I decided to do a hybrid webinar (live-recorded-live) because the internet connection was not very reliable and I wanted to make sure I can reply to people inside the chat room, during the presentation.

It’s so much easier than doing full 2 hours live webinars plus you get to see the statistics afterwards and change the presentation according to the feedback you get from you audience.

With one click I was able to stream the presentation during the live event.
I recorded the presentation and the sales pitch before the webinar started and I made sure it was uploaded as an unlisted video on YouTube.
The video injection option inside WebinarJam is just perfect for this type of webinars and I highly encourage you to do the same.


 Here is the perfect Hybrid Webinar duration and structure: 

Part 1 (10 minutes) LIVE: welcome the guests and tell them the house rules
Part 2 (1hr 11mins) RECORDED: the presentation (the recorded keynote) streamed live inside WebinarJam.
This includes the sales pitch which should be offered around minute 50 of the keynote.
I made sure I told people during part 1 that the keynote is recorded and that I will be there, with them, to answer every question they might have. This transparency helped a lot and people appreciated it.
Part 3 (15-45mins) LIVE: the Q&A Session – here you take as many questions as possible from the attendees about your product but also about anything else that they might be interested in, regarding your area of expertise.
I noticed many people asked questions that were not directly related to my product and after I answered live they bought the product.

  One Important Rule here: Always deliver a great keynote. Even if people don’t buy from you right now, they should leave satisfied that the free keynote was extremely valuable.  

For more information on delivering a great webinar keynote, check out this article.


After the sales pitch began, around minute 50’ of the presentation (so 21 minutes before the Q&A), I loaded inside the Webinar Jam platform a button where participants were invited to click.
I made sure I invited them to click the button when ready to purchase the product I was presenting.
This button had a link directly to the secret order page inside Simplero, not to the sales page of my product.
 Sending prospects directly to the order page decreases the risk of them getting to the presentation page and exiting the funnel there before buying. 

As a side note: Simplero has a great way of creating secret order pages where you can send traffic from the webinar thus making it super easy to track everything.
It also works with Stripe, PayPal and over 300 worldwide merchants (via an integration with Spreedly) so it’s the best platform so far and I highly recommend it.

 RULE: Link your CTA button to the order page so the client has just one more step to perform (payment). 


I don’t like to discount my products because this makes them lower value in the mind of the customers.
But I love offering bonuses for my products, on top of them, as a special bundle, available for a pre-determined period of time.

So for this webinar, I prepared (and so did my JV Partner) two types of bonuses that we offered as a bundle:
A) Normal bonuses, that every new student got if they decided to buy while the cart was open (Tuesday – Sunday midnight)


B) Fast Action Bonuses, that were available only for those students that bought the same day as the webinar (Tuesday)

fast action bonuses
These bonuses were so irresistible that during the Q&A we had over 60 people that bought immediately as they had the Payment Link available.

  RULE: Don’t discount on price. Instead offer irresistible bonuses that make people want to buy your stuff immediately. A lot of times people’s decision to buy will be just because of your great bonuses.  


Since this was an expensive product for my market I knew a lot of people will need time to think about this purchase. They loved the idea, the opportunity, but they had to talk it over with their spouse or their employee, etc.
So, in order to let them decide on their own time I kept the cart open for a total period of 6 days (from Tuesday until Sunday at 11:59:59 pm)

But I kept emailing them almost daily, with reminders about the product and the offer I made.
Here’s the automation inside ActiveCampaign.
Every day an email is sent to the participant that has not bought yet.

You can see below that both of us (me and the JV partner) sent out emails, to have the maximum reach and persuasive power.

webinar promotion schedule

 Remember: I always offered them a way out of the automation, so that they didn’t feel frustrated about getting too many emails. 

The results of the Email Follow-up Sequence is astounding: 122 more people bought the product. That is 15,738 EURO (cca $17,563), just because I implemented this follow-up sequence.

The email follow-up sequence has a secret ingredient, that is very, very important.
 I answered personally to EVERY email I received during this week.  A lot of people wrote about the obstacles in buying the product. Some wanted an extra reason to act now. Some wanted me to comfort them that they take the right decision if they buy.

No matter what reason they wrote to me, I replied as fast as possible. This is KEY!
And a few dozens of them bought just because of this level of service.
Adding this level of service to the mix increases the brand- awareness of my brand and also allows me to learn about the reason they bought or declined to buy, so it’s a great opportunity to connect to the target market and to learn about it.

I know it is hard (rather impossible) to answer hundreds of emails using a native email app (Mac or Win) or Gmail, but I found a free solution that works perfectly.
It’s called Help Scout  and I highly recommend it if you are receiving many emails from your list and want to make sure nobody feels left behind.
You can assign a team to help you with the emails so everything works flawlessly and your customers are happy 😉


It’s Monday now, 3:06pm as I finish this blog post and I hope you found it useful 🙂

If you need more help with you webinars, just click here and write me a message and I’ll get back to you.

 Finally, after last Tuesday’s launch, here is a breakdown of all the relevant numbers: 

4080 people registered for the webinar (that means 4080 new email addresses in my list)
2116 people showed up live, 2126 people saw the replay.
202 sales amounting to 21,294.74 EUR (USD 23,764) worth of products (excluding taxes), sold in a 6 days.

I know there is still room for improvement, but I love the results and I hope you get to have the same with you next launch using a webinar.

If you like it, leave me a comment and let other people know about this guide. I know I’ll be very happy if you do 🙂

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